Diameter - 15" or 38.1 cm

Height - Approx 50" or 127cm

Weight of structure - Approx 100lbs or 45.3592kg

This bag is for - Adults

Price - US$179.99 excluding taxes 


The Creed 100lb Heavy bag is specially designed to endure the constant punishment of combat sports training while giving solid resistance and allowing the user to develop power, speed and endurance in training. The bag features an extra firm vinyl shell filled with a blend of fibers which create a tough exterior yet at the same time yields enough upon the impact of a strike in order to give a realistic feel.

The top of the bag is sealed with lace, and just below the sealed cover are leather tabs which are double stitched and fastened to the bag with rivets. Attached to the tabs are four reinforced nylon hanging straps also known as web straps. Some people are more comfortable training with a heavy bag which is suspended from the mount hanger by a heavy-duty chain and swivel, this is partly due to some trusting the durability of metal over fabric, and also because the swivel prevents the supporting chain from becoming entangled due to the spinning of the bag upon absorbing the impact of repeated heavy strikes. Chain-links can also be added and/or removed, thus allowing relatively easy adjustment of the height of the bag.

The Creed heavy bag does not utilize the chain and swivel, however it is important to note that the four leather trimmed tabs along with the attached four nylon straps are deliberately designed to hold and endure the constant movement of the bag, while at the same time reduce excess rocking, twisting, and noise which at times can be a concern for some.


I do not own a Creed 100lb heavy bag, nor do I own any of the punching bags that I review. I currently live in an apartment complex where loud noises travel, and because of this I choose to be considerate by taking my noisy bag workouts elsewhere. Unfortunately some of my neighbors do not always return the same level of consideration, but it would probably be best not to deviate from the topic and break out into a rant about how much I detest my neighbors. In the past, most of the punching bags that I owned were homemade, and despite a well-made homemade bag being just as useful as a readymade one, resources such as time, effort, the right material, and know how are all very necessary in order to successfully assemble one.

That being said, my experience with the Creed 100lb heavy bag comes from my sporadic use of one which is owned by a local martial arts gym. My occasional use of the bag at that gym, as well as regularly speaking to the gym owner/instructor and getting his opinion on the durability of various heavy bags, and going more in depth by acquiring information online has given me a degree of knowledge and experience with the product. The Creed bag that I have used has served the small martial arts  gym for at least two years, and is occasionally maintained simply by being wiped with a damp cloth during opening and closing hours. Despite having been used regularly during the busy days of the gym (it has been awfully quiet in recent times), the bag seems to have held up well and shows no signs of having to be replaced anytime soon.

From my observation, some lower priced bags made from less resilient materials tend to become uneven over a relatively short period due to the sinking and settling of whatever substance is used as filling. Early signs of wear and tear such as dents, tears, and cracks are also not uncommon. Poor shipping and handling and/or storage can also badly disfigure a not so sturdy bag. Despite some minor settling which happens to most bags over time, I have yet to notice any major signs of deterioration of the Creed heavy bag during two years of use.


A 100lb punching bag is considered to be within the heavier range of bags, especially for someone who weighs under 180lbs. Chances are a smaller person may need to start with a lighter bag such as Century's XLHydrocore heavy bag which weighs approximately 90lbs when filled, or the MAX MMA's 3 foot Water/Air Adjustable heavy bag which can be adjusted from 70-120lbs. In my opinion the adjustable bag may not be as durable as the Creed bag, but it is ideal for a person who may want to start with a lighter training bag, and with time, increase the weight of that bag.

Despite the common guideline of lighter people utilizing punching bags under 100lbs, It is not absolutely forbidden and unheard-of for a person of a lighter weight class to train with a 100lb bag. Besides striking, heavy bags can be used to drill a wide array of techniques, ranging from throws to ground fighting drills.

Therefore, while a common admonition to lighter, smaller framed persons (such as myself) is that training with a bag that is too heavy can risk injury, in some cases working out with a bag which is close to your own body weight may prove to be almost as effective as sparring and grappling with a heavier partner, which in my opinion is a very effective form of conditioning and strength training for a lighter individual. It is ok to push oneself in training as long as one adheres to necessary safety practices while doing so.


Investing in an asset that has a potentially long and useful lifespan is never a bad deal. The thick synthetic mesh which makes up the shell of the Creed heavy bag was without a doubt specially designed to endure punishment and to last the user for a considerable amount of years. So far I have not read a review where a user has complained of damage after short term use.

There are other distinguished brands such as Everlast and RDX which will offer well constructed quality bags.The price of a bag is generally relative to the type, design and quality of said bag, and therefore the other noteworthy brands will offer a wide variety of options some of which would be cheaper and others more expensive.

While I would fully encourage any buyer to explore his/her options, I am also of the opinion that at present, punching bags made by Century Martial Arts have the edge when it comes to uniqueness and being at the forefront of innovation. Therefore, I think that anyone who is looking for a durable piece of training equipment should by all means consider Century's selection of heavy bags.


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  1. Misael H

    Dang! What an great review on Creed Heavy Bag! I have not been able to find a good review like this one at all through the entire internet. I really do appreciate you for taking the time to write this excellent and thorough review, I am strongly considering this punching bag but I have been skeptical about its durability, I have not been able to figure out whether it is a trusted source. Your article has answered that for me. thank you

    1. J.G.Page

      Lol, Im glad that I could help out. Hope you get a good bag. If you do settle on getting a creed bag maybe you can drop a comment after some time letting me know how it held up.

  2. Antarctic Adventures

    Thank you for sharing your unbiased review of this punching bag. I know what you mean about neighbors. I have a crying baby next door that I drown out with loud german rock music. I think this bag might be a little too heavy/big for me. Do you have any recoomendations for a 5’3″ 135 lb female, like me?

    1. J.G.Page

      You’re welcome. lol @ drowning out crying baby with rock music. Sounds like warfare. There are so  many good quality lighter bags out there that you can literally take your pick. Based on your description I’d probably recommend  an Everlast 60lb Nevatear platinum bag.

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