The practice of martial arts in the Philippine archipelago is centuries old. Over time, many unique styles of fighting were developed throughout the islands, and each of these styles was known to the indigenous people of the region by different names.

Over the centuries the native Filipinos would come into contact with peoples of neighboring cultures such as India, Malaysia, China and Europe. The resulting cultural exchange, and acculturation would gradually influence the evolution of these fighting styles practiced by the indigenous people.

Today, the most popular form of Filipino martial arts practiced is known by the names Kali, Escrima and/or Arnis. Kali stick fighting was displayed by Bruce Lee in the critically acclaimed film Enter the Dragon (1973) and again by Bruce Lee and  Dan Inosanto in the unfinished film The Game of Death (1978).

Many police and military officers around the world are now learning Filipino martial arts due to the effectiveness of their techniques.

This course focuses on the use of the Rattan Stick, Striking Patterns, Footwork, Blocks, Disarms, Locks, Chokes and much more. It is important to note that in practice, the collapsible baton can be substituted for the rattan stick.


This course is for anyone who wishes to learn the traditional fighting arts of the Philippines as a method of self defense, or to build upon their existing knowledge of martial arts. The information provided can be of value to you  whether you are a novice or a seasoned martial artist. The course can be especially useful to instructors of other styles of martial arts who wish to add stick fighting to their school curriculum.

You can study on own or with a partner via these private online courses which contain all of the information that  would be taught in a class. While there is no instructor present to correct mistakes, each lesson can be repeated as much as needed even after progressing to the next level.  All instruction takes place online, which allows you to view the course at any time needed. Once you have registered for the individual instructional videos, access is for a lifetime.

This course has over 70 video lessons and 4 1/2 hours of material. Each lesson can be downloaded, and can be accessed from any device (phone, tablet or PC) thus enabling you to have access to the course from your own personal device.

The courses are taught by Sifu David Seiwert who has been involved in both training and teaching martial arts for the past 50 years. He has studied martial arts such as Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Northern & Southern Shaolin, Tai Chi, Kuntao, Silat and various other systems of Filipino martial arts.

Sifu David Seiwert is the founder of Dynamic Fighting Arts within which he teaches an eclectic blend of Kali primarily for self defense. 

In order to get a feel of the course, you are invited to enroll in DFA Kali level one which is currently available or free

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