• Torrent T1
  • Merchant:Century Martial Arts
  • Price: $349.99
  • Part Number:102161K



Height - 60" or 152.4 cm

Diameter - 15" or 38.1 cm

Diameter of the Base - 24" or 60.96 cm

Weight of Bag - >100lbs or >45.4 Kg

Approx weight of structure when the base is filled - 245lbs or 111.13 Kg

This bag is for - Adults

Price - US$349.99 excluding taxes

A torrent can be described as a strong and fast uncontrollable flow of water. The intention of the makers of the Torrent line of freestanding heavy bags was to create a sturdy and well anchored training bag which could withstand the forceful rush of strikes unleashed during martial arts fitness training.

Among the freestanding punching bags made by Century Martial Arts, Torrent freestanding punching bags are unique in that they feature a patented impact absorption system which consists of a supporting device or "two -part stem" fixed within the structure of the bag in order to reduce the rocking during workouts. The stem is surrounded by high density foam, and covered with a non-wrinkle fabric which ensures favorable shock absorption and provides a more realistic feel than some other designs on the market.

A key feature in the Torrent's innovative layout is a unique connection system which solidly fastens the bag to the base with velcro straps, allowing the two components to become one unit. The design of the bag makes it pliable enough to absorb heavy strikes, yet anchored enough to avoid constant wobbling and tipping over which is a common drawback with freestanding punching bags. For more information on the general pros and cons of the freestanding punching bag please see my article on  The Freestanding Heavy Bag. 

  • Torrent T2 Pro
  • Merchant:Century Martial Arts
  • Price: $449.99
  • Part Number:102162K



Height - 67" or 170.18 cm

Diameter - 18" or 45.72 cm

Diameter of the Base - 24" or 60.96 cm

Weight of Bag - >100lbs or >45.4 Kg

Approx weight of structure when the base is filled - 250lbs or 113.4 Kg

This bag is for - Adults

Price - US$449.99 excluding taxes

The most obvious difference between the Torrent T1 and Torrent T2 pro is that the latter is a taller, wider, and heavier punching bag. The Torrent T2 pro contains all the innovative specs of the Torrent T1, but is designed so that two users can simultaneously practice their strikes on one bag.

While two strikers sharing a bag is a common practice which many freestanding punching bag designs accommodate, the considerably wider proportions of the Torrent T2 pro, coupled with the steadiness of the bag allow for the possibility of two powerful strikers to co-ordinate a partner workout consisting of punching combinations and kicks without the constant awkward rocking and falling of the bag.

Another unique and interesting feature of both the Torrent T1 and Torrent T2 Pro is that the base is considerably smaller than that of most of the other freestanding punching bags on the market. The small base takes up less space, and it's unique smooth round shape makes the task of tilting and rolling the bag from one location to another relatively easy compared to other models with a bulkier water or sand filled base.

In some cases, depending on the design, moving a freestanding punching bag by tilting and rolling the base on the floor may potentially loosen or altogether unscrew that base from the rest of the structure. The small and well fastened base of the Torrent T1 & T2 Pro was designed to avoid this common inconvenience.

Century Torrent T1 & T2 Pro Freestanding Punching Bag Review


I find freestanding punching bags and other products from Century Martial Arts to be very well-made. The company boasts "40 years of being at the forefront of innovation", and is responsible for the invention of the Wavemaster which when released in 1995 was the world's first freestanding punching bag.

Over the years Century Martial Arts has produced a number of innovative portable punching bags such as the Body Opponent Bag or BOB which is a mannequin-like head and torso designed for self defense training, and Versys Vs. BOB which is essentially a version of the original BOB but with simulated limbs created to accommodate grappling training and the practice of striking though an opponent's guard.


The Torrent bags seem to be another effort to innovate the freestanding punching bag. One feature that I initially noticed when training with a Torrent T2 Pro, was that it did feel unique compared to other bags that I have used. When striking the T2 Pro, the feeling on impact could be described as being almost snug, yet there is enough resistance to give that necessary feeling of firmness and stability.

Despite the fact that the bag seems to be tailored to the comfort of the striker, I would not recommend that anyone punch it continuously without the use of gloves or hand wraps, as the obvious consequence of doing so would be the same as striking any other punching bag barefisted, i.e. the constant friction will cause abrasions and even finger and wrist pain.

The Torrent T2 Pro does have a wide surface area which I find to be ideal for practicing kicks as well as sidestepping in order to create angles for practicing the many variations of the round kick. Despite the bag being wide, it is space efficient and fits nicely in the gym among other freestanding punching bags, and at a glance it even seems to take up less space than some smaller bags. This no doubt may be due to the slim base and overall economical design.

My training partner who has a solid background in Taekwondo has toppled the Torrent T2 Pro a few times, however, this has not changed my opinion on the quality of the bag and how well-built it is. This particular training partner kicks like a mule and on every occasion deliberately attempts to tip the bag over with his kicks just to prove that he can. Despite his success he has admitted that this is a sturdy and well-made punching bag.

Easy to Assemble

I have also been informed that the bag is easy to assemble. Unfortunately, I have never had the opportunity to mount one myself, however every review that I have read and watched online confirms that the process is as easy as three simple steps.

  1. Fill the base with water.
  2. Place the bag over the base
  3. Fasten the bag to the base with available velcro straps.


The only obvious deterrent that I can think of at present would be the price. A person who is looking to purchase a durable freestanding punching bag but operating on a tight budget may find it difficult to produce and/or spend from US$349.99 to US$449.99, and may most likely seek less costly alternatives. There are freestanding punching bags which are somewhat similar such as the Everlast Axis Frestanding Heavy bag, and the Ringside Elite Freestanding Boxing Punching Heavy Bag, which may be just as durable (emphasis on may) and cost less.


Despite the apparent high cost, It should be considered that freestanding punching bags are not known for their very long lifespan, and that purchasing a hard wearing bag made by a long established and trusted company for a higher than average price may most likely serve as more of an investment than a frivolous expense.











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  1. Lawson

    So far I’ve come across some of the best punching bags in my search to help build a gym around my house. There has been some really good quality equipment and we thought a good punching bag will be a nice match. It’s my first time seeing the torrent T1 and I have to admit it’s really amazing. Do you have a way to fix it to the floor, or it just stands on its own? 

    1. J.G.Page

      Hi Lawson. The Torrent T1 and T2 are both designed to stand on their own. They are also quite easy to move around. To be honest I have never fixed a punching bag to the floor and I have to admit that my knowledge of doing so is limited. I’m sure that it can be done though. It sounds like an interesting idea, however I think that most gym owners would prefer movable ones since they provide the option of creating space for other activities when not in use.    

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